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Eeyore is a character created by the user Akela. Application located here.

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He is one of, if not the strongest resident, of the Hundred Acre Wood, and he is surprisingly insightful.


Gloomy, depressed, and sarcastic. However, he is good-hearted, unfailingly loyal to his friends, and once he sets his mind to something, he won't let anything deter him.

Opinions of Other Characters[]

His friends: He usually views them as well-meaning, if a bit dense at times. But he knows they mean well, and will stick by them even when he feels their endeavors are doomed to failure.


Like all residents of the Hundred Acre Wood (except Christopher Robin) Eeyore is a toy. Specifically, a stuffed donkey filled with sawdust, given life from Christopher's imagination. Despite his eternally cynical nature, and incurable gloominess, Eeyore has always been a valued friend to the other residents of the Hundred Acre Wood, not least because of his endless loyalty to his friends, which once led him to seek a new house for Owl when his old one toppled over during a storm. Despite it taking him a number of days, he never gave up until he found one.

After sharing a good many other adventures, or misadventures, if you ask Eeyore, he was mildly surprised to find out Piglet had left to answer a call sent by Yen Sid, Eeyore set out to follow his friend, leaving the Hundred Acre Wood for the first time in his life. True to form, he arrived in the conjoined world on the opposite side from where Piglet was, but he just sighed, and set off on foot for the Pridelands.

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  • Eeyore believes this whole war is a horrible idea that will only end with them all getting killed. But he feels there's no point in trying to convince everyone else of that, so he just goes along with it.