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Mulan takes a group of heroes back to her city


To reassure the Emperor that things in the Forces of Good are well and that his city would have their protection.


It starts with Mulan along with a large number of people going up the giant stairs of the palace with two of the members, Piglet and Scoot, waiting down at the bottom, once they reach the top Sven, Kristoff's so called brother, comes carrying a knocked out guard. Mulan, thinking it was Sven, freaks out until she realises that the palace is mostly quiet and she bursts into the palace and seeing evryone in the palace is asleep, meanwhile Lady Tremaine kidnaps Piglet.


  • It has the most heroes in a single non special event thread.
  • Heroes of China started out as Mulan taking a team of heroes into an anceint ruin in the mountains to retreive a legendary magic sword for her, the reason is that her claimer wanted to give her an equal footing so she wouldn't be so weak when she faced Shan Yu again but due to problems and Mickey not thinking it was a good idea incase other people thought they could have magic weapons, they settled on Mulan getting a second sword in the thread instead.