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Ronno is a sturdily built white-tailed stag deer. He's bigger than the other deer, except Bambi's father, the Great Prince of the Forest. Unlike Bambi, Ronno is more muscular, but his body structure is more suited for fighting and strength than it is for running and leaping. His neck and shoulders are particularly powerful, able to flip other fully-grown deer and anything close to that weight range over himself without stumbling, using only his thorny-sharp, three-tined antlers. While not as big as Bambi's father, Ronno is the second-most formidable deer in size and strength. Like all deer, he is adept at springing long distances and running quickly, has excellent hearing and a sharp sense of smell, an almost supernatural instinct for nearby predators. However, as previously mentioned, he is not as agile as other deer. As a result, Ronno could never win a fight against Bambi, because his father trained him to be brave and to defend himself, and that's how Bambi was able to defeat Ronno as both a child and an adult.


As a fawn, Ronno was the typical bully, who was desperate for attention and friends, but going the wrong way about getting both. He is arrogant, pompous, and boastful, with a temper that flares up when he is called out or stood up to. Just like any other bully, he who puts weaker creatures down to make himself look good. He tries to act tough and spin lies about how brave he is to disguise the fact that he's really a coward and a wimp. He knows how to push buttons, hit nerves, and aggravate, though sometimes he does so unintentionally with his wild tall tales about his own victories. Though he genuinely believes he is the best at everything, all of his posturing and posing stems from insecurity and jealousy, and he only wants to be loved, but doesn't understand why he isn't. To him, the possibility of being rejected and ignored because he is prideful, boastful, or self-centered is ridiculous. Deep down, he's really witty and clever, but he's blinded by hate and an over-inflated ego, along with playing the victim.

As a fully-grown deer, Ronno changed from a childhood bully into a dark monster, who's consumed with rage to the point of getting back at anyone who's hurt and humiliated him - especially Bambi - but he was never successful doing so.

Opinions of Other Characters[]

Bambi: Ronno hated Bambi ever since they met. When they were fawns, he might have wanted to be his friend, but because he was a bully, he had no real understanding about what friendship was. As Ronno got to know Bambi, he blamed him for all of his failures, and he was also insanely jealous of him, because he was the son of the Great Prince of the Forest. By the time Ronno and Bambi met again as adults, he was consumed with rage to the point of wanting to kill Bambi, but during their second fight over Faline, Bambi knocked Ronno off the cliff and into the water.

Faline: Ronno had a crush on Faline since childhood, but he would never admit it. After he met Faline, he desperately tried to impress her, but she never liked him, because he was a bully, and she chose Bambi, because he was friendly and he truly cared about her. As both a child and an adult, Ronno tried to force Faline against her will to go with him - whether she liked him or not - only to be defeated both times by Bambi. These events have caused Ronno to be extremely bitter for the rest of his life.

Geno and Gurri: Bambi and Faline's twin fawns are objects of Ronno's hatred, along with Bambi, and he would be happy if all three of them died, though he hasn't decided if he wants to be the one to kill them or not. Still, in his mind, the Little Prince and Princess are just living products of all of Ronno's failures and Bambi's successes.

Thumper, Flower, Friend Owl, and the other forest animals: Ronno has never thought much of Bambi's childhood friends. He thinks that deer are superior to other critters, so naturally he cares more about what his own kind thinks of him than what bunnies, skunks, and owls do. Still, Ronno would prefer it if everyone loved and respected him, like they do Bambi.


Ronno was born to be a bully deer. He had his mother, who was a gentle soul, but his father was never seen or mentioned, and it's possible he was a bully himself. As a result, Ronno grew up thinking he was the coolest creature in the forest, but he never had any friends. After meeting Bambi and getting to know him, he became extremely jealous of him, because he was the son of the Great Prince of the Forest.

Ronno developed a crush on Faline after meeting her, but he expressed his feelings in all the wrong ways by trying to impress her bragging about his "adventures," which were fake stories, and he even picked fights with Bambi. Faline never liked Ronno, because he was a bully, and he tried to force Faline against her will to go with him - whether she liked him or not - and Bambi yelled at him to leave her alone. After Thumper pushed Bambi into Ronno and he fell into the mud, Ronno became enraged and chased Thumper and Bambi, but Bambi jumped over a large chasm, and his father was impressed, and he commented that he didn't make a jump like that until he had antlers. When Ronno tried to jump, he slipped and fell into the mud.

Later, while Ronno was running with the other deer, he sees the Great Prince running, and he's awed, but when he sees Bambi, he tries to outrun him. With his father's encouragement, Bambi outruns Ronno and catches up to his father. When the Great Prince sends him away with Bambi's childhood friend, Mena, he taunts him by saying that his father must feel ashamed of him, and deciding to send him away. Bambi fights back, but Ronno knocks him into Mena and she gets caught in one of Man's snare traps, setting off the alarms. Ronno cowardly runs away when he hears Man and his hunting dogs coming.

Ronno later finds a teenage Bambi and Faline after they kiss for the first time, and he tells Bambi they'll meet again, but he steps on a turtle and falls into the water. The turtle bites his nose and Ronno screams and runs away.

As adults the next Spring, Bambi and Faline fall in love, and they are prancing together on Cloud 9. Ronno reappears from the bushes as a dark monster, and he again tries to force Faline against her will to go with him - whether she liked him or not - just like he tried to do when they were kids. Bambi is angry and fed up with Ronno's bullying and fights back. Despite Ronno knocking Bambi down several times, Bambi eventually knocks Ronno off the cliff and into the water. Defeated and humiliated the same way he was when they were kids, Ronno walks away.

What happened to Ronno afterward is unknown, but it's possible that he eventually died from his injuries, or he was shot and killed by Man, or he was burned to death in the forest fire.

IF Ronno survived, he would have had to find another doe to mate with and have fawns with her. It's been speculated that he married Rolla, and had twin fawns, Boso and Lana.

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