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Scoot is a character created by the user Jack Skellington. Application located here. Maleficent is a good girl She has a knack for Loving Handsome Strong Heroism Boys in the Bible She at one point sees a Tall Boy wearing a Green tunic with A blue and green hat on his head And she asks Him what his name is He says it’s Meshach She starts laughing at his name saying it’s a silly name! She has always loved Him and won’t let anyone evil steal him away from her Affiliation-Good Side-Hero Friends God Jafar Mickey And everyone else who’s good Boyfriend-Meshach Allies/Enemies Nebuchadnezzar Scar Fears Chernabog Family Cam-Oldest Daughter Cal- Younger Daughter Lam- Oldest Daughter Mal-Oldest Daughter Tal-Youngest Daughter Jay-Nephew Jr-Nephew Aura-GodDaughter Ad-Nephew Phil-Nephew Jm-Niece Likes Her Friends that are good Her Family Having fun Being silly The Bible Dislikes Her Boyfriend being in danger Threats to her Family


Can be used as a transport system, people can use him as a vehicle, can move by himself, light up dark places, very fast.


He is very caring, clumsy, and playful.

Opinions of Other Characters[]

Mickey: He will always do anything for his best friend!

Minnie: He loves Minnie and even sometimes acts as a royal carriage for her

Helen: He likes the mom and sometimes makes the long trip to Metroville to get stuff she forgot.

Lucky: Scoot always loves to play with the pup

Rapunzel: He loves to play with the princess and would normally go in circles.

Sally: Really he finds her a bit odd and he gets very cold when she is around, but that is just because of his phobia of needles.

Hercules: He is very very strong and he admires his heroic attitude, but he is sometimes afraid if Herc decides to take a ride on him, he might crush him.

Piglet: Scoot could relate to the cowardly creature, although was very surprised to learn that the pig contained some sort of super human strength.


Rusted up and kept inside a old shed in Paris beside a store, half dying, the only view of the outside was of a little flower that grew, although when the winter came it shredded and died, so he had nothing to look at until a Mouse came and bought him one day. The mouse, Mickey, fixed him up and painted him and drove him almost every day. Mickey quickly became Scoot's best friend and one time had a crazy adventure while delivering something to Minnie. It was perfect; just him and his best friend going anywhere, no one to stop them.

One time he woke up and saw that Mickey had gone without a trace, so he searched all of paris for him until he finally got to the Pride Lands and decided to stay with his best friend and help him with the war.

Threads Participated In[]

Bless my Bagpipes:

Scoot first arrived and the forces of good camp and had found his owner whom him and daisy appeared to be in an arguement with a older duck.

A night at Scrooges mansion:

Scoot appears in this thread having to take shelter because of the storm that had gone on and he would rust or break if he where to stay outside and get wet.

Time to start:

Having no one to play with Scoot follows Stitch to Hawaii where he meets hi tech and even give them a short fun ride.

Heroes of China:

Scoot went along although him and piglet had to wait at the bottom of the stairs and Scoot was knocked over and watched as piglet was kidnapped by lady Tremaine.

The Attack:

Scoot warns the forces of good of the attack having seent eh Omnidroid approach, He goes later giving mickey a lift to the Orb while avoiding being crushed by the Omnidroid, After it is destroy Scoot was grabbed and destroyed by its claw and died.

So Long.pal:

only Scoot's corpse appears.


  • So far Scoot was the only living Machine if don't count John Silver. 


Scoot 1
  • Acts as a post man for the Forces of Good, taking letters and memos to members.