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MAY 31[]

11:32: For China! (individual tale - Mulan)[]

Mulan receives news of the conflict between the Forces of Good and Evil and sets out to join the FoG.


JUNE 1[]

Oh no! (individual tale - Jack Skellington)[]

Sulley's Letter[]

Forever We Shall Hold Your Banner High (Pride Rock - Mickey Mouse, Akela, Goofy, Jack Skellington, Lucky, Stitch, Two-Tone, Scamp, Oliver)[]

Mickey gives an opening speech to the FoG and divides up responsibilities. Two-Tone and Lucky meet up and meet Scamp, Oliver, and Bolt. (Oliver is already friends with Bolt, and the dalmatians recognize him from television.)

morning: Rapunzel's Letter (individual tale - Rapunzel)[]

Rapunzel receives her letter and sets off for the Pridelands via Wonderland.

late afternoon: Turncoat (Termite Mounds - Gray Brother, Shere Khan, Rebecca, Redeyes, Lady Tremaine)[]

Gray Brother joins the Forces of Evil as a spy and is met by the other villains, including Shere Khan, who recognizes him as Taraha. He is questioned and must convince them that he is truly on their side.

late evening: Whistle While You Work (Forces of Good Camp - Lucky, Tojo, Two-Tone, Mr. Centipede, Daisy Duck, Jack Skellington, Mushu)[]

Lucky and Two-Tone escape Daisy to help set up the camp. Daisy comes after them to retrieve them.

JUNE 2[]

Gathering Darkness (Prydain - The Horned King, Lady Tremaine, Gray Brother, Garm, Rebecca, Elsa, Shan Yu, Merlock)[]

The villains await news from Maleficent's raven. Shan Yu sends Gray Brother to guard something (Kopa) in the Elephant Graveyard.

Where Is Anna? (New York City - Lady, Anna, Mulan, Ty Parsec, Tramp, Violet, Elastigirl, Shang, Mushu, Thomas)[]

Lady, Mulan, Ty Parsec, Tramp, Violet, Shang, and Mushu search for Anna, who has gone missing on her way to answer the call. Elastigirl goes after her daughter. Thomas, also lost, bumps into Anna.

To the Tea Party! (Tulgey Woods - Alice, March Hare, Piglet, Aurora, Rapunzel)[]

Alice finds herself in Wonderland and comes across the March Hare having a tea party in a cottage. Piglet and Rapunzel arrive on the scene, as well as Aurora, who has fallen asleep from a finger prick.

midday: How Am I Ever Gonna Get Out of Here? (Elephant Graveyard - Kopa, Jack Skellington, Gray Brother, Redeyes)[]

Jack comes across Kopa, who is being held captive by the Forces of Evil, while exploring. Gray Brother arrives to take over guard duty and a misunderstanding between him and Jack causes Redeyes to momentarily question Gray Brother's loyalties.

JUNE 3[]

early morning: The Spy and the Prince (Termite Mounds - Gray Brother, Kopa)[]

Gray Brother and Kopa go for a walk and discover each other's true identities. Kopa is returned to his prison with the promise of escape.

Solar Surfers, Spacers, and Cyborgs, Oh My! (Forces of Good Camp - Jim Hawkins, John Silver)[]

Jim Hawkins arrives at the FoG camp and meets up with John Silver, who is cooking for the camp.

Ditching Daisy (New Orleans - Violet, Dash, Maleficent, Shan Yu, Lady, Garm)[]

Violet ditches Daisy and Dash follows her. Lady is sent after the children and finds them being attacked by the villains.

late evening: Eye Spy Spots (The Boundary - Lucky, Tripod, Rebecca, Two-Tone, Scamp, Penny, Jewel, Dipstick, Daisy Duck, Ty Parsec)[]

Lucky sneaks out of camp to lead Tripod, Two-Tone, Scamp, and Penny on a mission to find an Orb. They run across Rebecca on the border and she pretends to be just an amnesiac stray. Jewel finds them. Rebecca helps lead them where they want to go and a hyena confronts them on the way, exposing Rebecca. The puppies attack the hyena and Scamp goes to get help, running into Dipstick on the way. Scamp and Dipstick find Daisy and bring her back to the hyena. Ty Parsec defeats the hyena and everyone heads back to the FoG camp, including Rebecca, who has decided to switch sides.

JUNE 4[]

Left, Right, Left (Grasslands - Goofy, Mulan, Stitch, Ty Parsec, Jim Hawkins, John Silver)[]

Goofy has everyone introduce themselves and takes them out on their first scouting mission.

Alone in Ursula's Sea Cavern (Sydney - Ursula, Jafar, Monstro)[]

Jafar goes to visit Ursula in her sea cavern. Monstro, having received the call from Ursula's emissaries, arrives from the Atlantic.

The Arrival (Pride Rock)[]

10:39 pm: Tojo, Mushu, and Mulan's Tent (Forces of Good Camp - Mulan, Mushu)[]

Mulan and Tojo play Mahjong while Mushu watches.

JUNE 5[]

11:30 pm: Climbing the Tower (Yen Sid's Tower - Mulan, Yen Sid, Jack Skellington)[]

Mulan climbs Yen Sid's tower to ask him about visiting her family and suggest some strategies. Jack arrives to talk to Yen Sid about Christmas celebrations and invite him to a Halloween party.

Put On a Show (Prydain - Elsa, Gray Brother, Queen of Hearts)[]

Gray Brother catches Elsa losing control of her powers. The Queen of Hearts scolds her for the snow in the castle.

JUNE 6[]

Bless My Bagpipes! (Forces of Good Camp - Scrooge, GizmoDuck, Mickey Mouse, Daisy Duck, Scoot)[]

Scrooge arrives at the FoG camp with a copy of his mansion. GizmoDuck greets him and so do Mickey and Daisy, after a discussion wherein Mickey refuses Daisy's request for kennels to discipline the kids. Scrooge makes GizmoDuck go back to being Fenton so he can scold him for leaving Duckburg without notice. Scoot arrives in camp and greets Mickey.

JUNE 7[]

The Young Guards (Pride Rock - Akela, Tripod, Lucky, Two-Tone, Scamp, Daisy Duck, Oliver, Cody, Marie, Miss Bianca)[]

Akela trains the young ones through a running exercise while Daisy and Miss Bianca look on.

JUNE 8[]

morning: Together We Two (Forces of Good Camp - Oliver, Jenny)[]

Jenny arrives at the FoG camp and meets up with Oliver. They discuss their letters, Oliver's ability to talk, and Bolt's presence.

10:38 am: Let's Get Down to Business to Defeat the Villains (The Grasslands - Mulan, Jim Hawkins, Tojo, Stitch, Raine)[]

Mulan trains the others, including an exercise in determination (using chopsticks), an exercise in stealth (climbing a tree while carrying bells without the bells ringing), and an exercise in stamina (running from Stitch). Stitch causes havoc.

JUNE 9[]

A Spineless, Pale, Pathetic Lot! (Termite Mounds - Shan Yu, Shere Khan, Gray Brother)[]

Shan Yu runs a training exercise of his own in the form of a scouting mission.

JUNE 10[]

9:00 pm: The First (The Gorge - Shan Yu, Shere Khan, Gray Brother, Redeyes, Quasimodo, Mulan, Bolt, Kopa, Akela, Biff, Mushu, Violet, Ty Parsec, Dash, Stitch, Jack Skellington)[]

Quasimodo and Mulan spy a FoE scouting party taking Kopa with them in search of an Orb. Bolt and Akela are on the scene as well and the FoE spot Akela as they come upon the Orb. A fight breaks out, during which Gray Brother is forced into injuring Akela. Kopa squeezes out of the safe place Gray Brother stashed him and procures the Orb. Shan Yu stabs Mulan in the midsection and then uses her to try to get the Orb back, but Violet soon snatches it and flees using her powers. Dash gets the Orb from Violet and runs it to safety, and the FoE retreat. Jack meets Dash and Violet at the camp.

JUNE 11[]

Planning an Attack (individual tale - Syndrome, the Horned King)[]

Syndrome shows the Horned King a hologram of his Omnidroid and asks to set up a laboratory to study any Orbs they may capture.

midday: Healing What Has Been Hurt (Pride Rock - Jenny, Kopa, Bolt, Oliver, Miss Bianca, Jack Skellington, Mulan, Violet, Mushu, Daisy Duck)[]

Jenny is assisting Daisy in the Medical Den when Mulan is brought in for treatment of her stab wound. Everyone tries to help heal Mulan.

mid-afternoon: I'm Home! (Forces of Good Camp - Kopa, Kovu)[]

Kopa reunites with his family.

midnight: Everything Hurts (The Elephant Graveyard - Gray Brother, Fairy Godmother)[]

Gray Brother is feeling upset and guilty in the aftermath of the battle, and the Fairy Godmother arrives to take him in a dream to Paradise Falls.

JUNE 12[]

midnight: Moonlit Meeting (The Boundary - Gray Brother, Akela, Mickey Mouse)[]

Gray Brother reports to Akela and Mickey.

JUNE 14[]

Following the Leader (Grasslands - Daisy Duck, Dinah, Miss Bianca, Violet, Bolt, Oliver, Marie, Kopa, Cody, Lucky, Aces, Patch, Boris, Piglet, GizmoDuck, Claudia)[]

Daisy takes the kids on a field trip. Cody has been having dreams about Penny in danger. Dinah has a crush on Oliver, but Oliver and Marie are dating. Bolt finds out he has superpowers when he super-barks a tree away from crushing some of the children. Claudia and Kopa bond.

Searching (Great Sand Desert - Lady Tremaine, Gray Brother, Garm)[]

Lady Tremaine takes Gray Brother and Garm out, nominally to search for an Orb, but really to get Gray Brother alone and ask him to help her bring Shere Khan down from power.

Is this...really London? (London - Thomas, Quasimodo)[]

Thomas and Quasimodo explore London.

early evening: What's Happening to Me? (Yen Sid's Tower - Bolt, Yen Sid)[]

Bolt goes to Yen Sid seeking answers as to why his superpowers are now real. Yen Sid suggests he look into the Virtue for answers.

JUNE 15[]

Trouble in Paradise (Hakuna Matata Paradise - Shere Khan, Gray Brother)[]

Shere Khan takes Gray Brother out hunting to question him and learns the truth about his father. Gray Brother gains more of Shere Khan's trust and information about his motives.

JUNE 17[]

Pan's Shenanigans (Forces of Good Camp - Peter Pan, Jenny)[]

Peter plays house with Jenny.

JUNE 19[]

Collection (note: marked as July 19th but implied before 'Calling All the Monsters') (Hawaii - Mulan, Mushu, Stitch, Jack Skellington, Quasimodo, Sparky)[]

Everyone heads to Jumba's ship in order to retrieve Sparky, only to find that someone has already been there and torn up the ship, deactivating Sparky. They salvage both Sparky and some weapons. Sparky's eyes are glowing and he has a strange headache.

JUNE 20[]

late evening: Calling All the Monsters (Forces of Good Camp - Stitch, Sparky)[]

Stitch and Sparky bond.

JUNE 21[]

7:45 pm: Relief Through Dinner (Forces of Good Camp)[]

JUNE 26[]

Harvesting (Winter Woods)[]


JULY 10[]

Return of the Forgotten (Forces of Good Camp - Oswald, Scoot, Mickey Mouse)[]

Oswald arrives at the FoG camp and Scoot and Mickey greet him.

JULY 11[]

A Day with Hercules (Thebes - Hercules, Ty Parsec, Sura)[]

Ty and Sura run into Hercules in Thebes.

Time to Start (Hawaii - Hi-Tech, Stitch, Scoot)[]

Hi-Tech is in Hawaii with news for Miss Bianca when Stitch, followed by Scoot, comes across him and saves his life.

Exploring a Dangerous Spot (The Gorge - Claudia, Garm)[]

Claudia goes to explore the Gorge and runs into Garm, who is testing the FoG's borders. Not recognizing him as evil, she tries to get him to go adventuring with her.

JULY 12[]

late evening: A Night at Scrooge's Mansion (Forces of Good Camp - Scrooge, Piglet, Miss Bianca, Oswald, Hi-Tech, Boris, Claudia, Two-Tone, Scamp, Lucky, Jenny, Oliver, Marie, Kopa, Cody, Patch, Bolt, Aces, Kala, Thomas)[]

Scrooge hosts a sleepover at his mansion.

JULY 13[]

Seeking Out (The Great Forest - Geno, Ronno)[]

Geno goes to tell his family about the Forces of Good and runs into Ronno, who tries to get him to believe his father isn't such a hero.

JULY 14[]

Wandering. (The Elephant Graveyard - Valder, Scar)[]

His pack having decided to split up, Valder wanders the Elephant Graveyard and comes across Scar and Zira. Scar explains the Forces and their territories to Valder.

mid-morning: Happy Birthday?/The Good Times (Grasslands)[]

10:00 am: Taken By Surprise[]

JULY 15[]

Just a Line of Water (The Boundary - Valder, Piglet, Gray Brother)[]

Valder helps Piglet carry a bag of seeds for his farm. Gray Brother sees them and, doubting Valder's loyalties, decides with him to bring information about Piglet up the chain of command. Zira has been watching and confronts them for letting Piglet go.

Escape and Name[]

JULY 18[]

A New Path to Take (The Boundary)[]

JULY 20[]

Weird'lo Landing (Forces of Good Camp - Lilo, Stitch, Mulan, Sparky, Jack Skellington)[]

Lilo arrives at the FoG camp and is greeted by Stitch and Sparky. Stitch takes her to Jack for an explanation of Sparky's recent behavior.

Resplendid Red (Great Sand Desert - Leroy, Shan Yu)[]

Leroy arrives in the desert and Shan Yu comes across him while on a search for Lady Tremaine's made-up Orb.

This Silence Shall Break (The Forbidden Mountains - Maleficent, Jafar, The Horned King, Captain Hook, Lady Tremaine, Randall, Valder)[]

The Wicked Three meet and strategize, ordering Hook to start patrols. Jafar plans to assault members of the Forces of Good and a punishment for Shan Yu and his team is decided upon. Randall spies on proceedings invisibly.

JULY 21[]

Racing Into Camp (Forces of Good Camp - Vanellope, Aces, Daisy Duck, Wreck-It Ralph, Fix-It Felix)[]

Vanellope arrives at the FoG camp, soon followed by Fix-It Felix, who tries to get Ralph to return to their game. The three are introduced to Aces and Daisy.

Passing Time at the Palace (Agrabah - Aladdin, Jafar)[]

Jafar goes to see Aladdin in his palace.

Gotta Go Fast (The Elephant Graveyard)[]

10:30 pm: So Come On, Get Up, Try Again! (Forces of Good Camp - Mulan, Quasimodo, Robin Hood)[]

Mulan leads another class, this one involving one-on-one fighting.

JULY 22[]

Snuff Out the Light (Prydain)[]

Fighting Doubts (Grasslands)[]

JULY 23[]

Heroes of China! (The Forbidden City)[]

JULY 24[]

1:23 pm: Captured (Prydain)[]

JULY 25[]

1:45 pm: The Attack (Forces of Good Camp)[]

4:23 pm: Aftermath (Forces of Good Camp)[]

JULY 26[]

So Long, Pal (Grasslands)[]

The Coming of Darkness (Hawaii)[]

JULY 27[]

Don't Sass Me! (Forces of Good Camp)[]

Visiting Home (The Jungles of India)[]

midday: The Young Archer (Forces of Good Camp)[]

evening: The Letter That Is Not Exactly Mirage's[]

JULY 28[]

What Makes a Monster? (Prydain)[]

Where Are You Going, Stream? (The Boundary)[]

Friends of Enemies (The Boundary)[]

Trying to Understand (Yen Sid's Tower)[]

early morning: In Search of Good (The Outlands)[]

twilight: Darkness Falls (Grasslands)[]

JULY 29[]

There Is No Place I'd Rather Be (Hakuna Matata Paradise)[]

Skirmish (Grasslands)[]

Return from Patrol (Pride Rock)[]

Ten Days Pass (Termite Mounds)[]

late evening: Putting the Plan into Motion (Prydain)[]

JULY 30[]

They're Gone! (Pride Rock)[]

Wait... What's Going On?! (Pride Rock)[]

Start Searching (Grasslands)[]

early morning: The Outer Defenses (The Outlands)[]

forenoon: Ennui in the Dark (Prydain)[]

afternoon: Afternoon of Search and What Else? (Hakuna Matata Paradise)[]

night: Wolves Within Paradise (Hakuna Matata Paradise)[]

JULY 31[]

mid-morning: Going After Him (Forces of Good Camp)[]

A Day to Day Basis (Pride Rock)[]



The Hunt for Answers Can Lead to Something Dangerous (The Boundary)[]

Searching for the Trail (The Boundary)[]

Rolling and Hiding (Forces of Good Camp)[]

Sniff, Track, Kill, Repeat (Grasslands)[]

Weathering the Storm (Pride Rock)[]


Over the River We Go (The Boundary)[]

Assemble the Troops (The Boundary)[]


Don't Freak Out!! (The Amazon Rainforest)[]


11:00 pm: It'll Be Our Little Secret (Forces of Good Camp)[]


Returning Back to Halloween Town (Halloweentown Town Square)[]


System Reboot (Prydain)[]


Roaming Within Prydain (Prydain)[]



6:43 pm: The Grand Halloween Hosted by the Pumpkin King (Forces of Good Camp)[]



6:30 pm: Mickey's Magical Christmas (London) (special, out-of-canon thread)[]


Alice's Escape (individual tale - Alice)

A Friend (individual tale - Scoot)

Jack, Where Have You Gone? (individual tale - Sally)

Oh d-d-d-d-dear! (individual tale - Piglet)

Leaving Marshall (individual tale - Hi-Tech)

Heritage of Darkness[]