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Tramp is a character created by the user Kevin. Application located here. Maleficent is a good girl She has a knack for Loving Handsome Strong Heroism Boys in the Bible She at one point sees a Tall Boy wearing a Green tunic with A blue and green hat on his head And she asks Him what his name is He says it’s Meshach She starts laughing at his name saying it’s a silly name! She has always loved Him and won’t let anyone evil steal him away from her Affiliation-Good Side-Hero Friends God Jafar Mickey And everyone else who’s good Boyfriend-Meshach Allies/Enemies Nebuchadnezzar Scar Fears Chernabog Family Cam-Oldest Daughter Cal- Younger Daughter Lam- Oldest Daughter Mal-Oldest Daughter Tal-Youngest Daughter Jay-Nephew Jr-Nephew Aura-GodDaughter Ad-Nephew Phil-Nephew Jm-Niece Likes Her Friends that are good Her Family Having fun Being silly The Bible Dislikes Her Boyfriend being in danger Threats to her Family


Can use teeth and claws, has a fierce bark. Is great as escaping (as in escaping dog catchers).


Funny, smart, cunning, brave, laid-back (until he is a father), fatherly, fun, hyperactive, romantic, flirty, and enjoys being domesticated.

Opinions of Other Characters[]

Lady: My beautiful wife and the mother of my children. She understands me… She is compassionate and loving…Pidge is the whole reason I’m still around and not caught up in some pound somewhere.

Mickey: It’s hard to trust a relative of a rat, but the guy seems to be as purely good as they come, which is exactly what we need.

Jack Skellington: The guy freaks me out. I don’t know how good the bringer of Halloween can be, but if the others trust him, I guess I can too.


Tramp grew up on the streets, being a wild dog but secretly dreaming of a life behind a fence. He’s a flirt and can’t help but try to date Lady when he first meets her. He takes her on a wild adventure of the heart, and ends up having to help her through some obstacles. However, in the end of it all, they are happily together with their four puppies in the Brown’s home. Tramp decided to answer the call of the good to protect his family and the good life he’s come to love. He’ll do anything for the ones he cares for. Anything.

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Tramp 1
  • He has been domesticated, so it takes a little riling to bring out his street dog, but once it’s out-there’s no going back!